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Mr. Cowart is passionate and playful, and he pushes boundaries.

- Allen Kaeja, Co-Director of Kaeja d'Dance

Choreographic Samples

Some samples of works choreographed by Tim Cowart

Undertow, The Medium is the Message, Ukiyo-e: Pictures of the Floating World, Inclinations, Kenosis, Katrina


Vertigo (2023) Choreography: Tim Cowart

Music: Vertigo 20-Bonus-Physical Composed & Performed by Ran Bango

Costumes by Amy Karol

Performed by 'Dance West' from the Arts & Communication Magnet Academy

Featured dancer: Miriam Au

Dancers: Lillian Au, Miriam Au, Eliza Behunin, Tristan Blaquire, Lorelei Gorton, Aitana Bolanos Hevia, Lorelei Gorton, Jadyn Smith, Naomi Swan, Liat Warmflash


Woven (2018) Choreography: Tim Cowart

Music: Ezio Bosso, Six Breaths. VI Breath, The Last Breath

Woven interlaces numbers, patterns and movement through vibrant partnering, lighting design, solo, and ensemble work. Based on Vortex Mathematics and Fibonacci patterning, this piece for nine dancers interweaves dynamic partnering with momentum and gravity. Performed by dancers at DeSales University


Undertow (2015) Choreography Tim Cowart

Music: Latitude Zero by Luca Andorno and Philip Glass Costumes: Samantha Southard Lighting: Allison Newhard Performers: Maria Davis, Melissa Faller, Hunter McCadden, Ismael Moscat, Erika Rich, Sarah Rose, Katelyn Sloan, Amanda Urbanski, Liz Wagner, Julie Wright Understudies: Alyssa Fay, Neysha Merced

This piece, originally choreographed in 2004 was originally inspired by the novel Montana 1948 by Larry Watson.

What are others saying about Tim's choreography?

“Tim's choreography in Undertow, one of several pieces in their Dance Ensemble Concert, was simultaneously mesmerizing and disturbing and was the highlight of the show.” 

Sarah Morgenstern

The Morning Call

“I particularly enjoyed Tim's piece—I appreciated the physicality, the inventive partnering with the students as well as the visceral-physical vignettes that were underscored with the complementary lighting.”

Meghan Durham

Lecturer, Program in Theatre & Dance, Princeton University

“Tim's work is visually striking . . . . It is great to see that he is creating such strong work with emotional depth.”

Christina Briggs

Co-Artstic Director of Incidents Physical Theater

“I really enjoyed working with Tim on Into the Woods. He is such a great presence and a very gifted artist. I like his choreography better than the original. The finale is especially wonderful.”

Dennis Razze

Professor of Theatre, DeSales University, Director of "Into the Woods."

"His use of powerful movement, his love of intrigue and his thirst for creative exploration are evident. Tim possesses a rare sensitivity and a unique style of movement invention that supports and enhances his theatrical expression in both his stage and film productions."

Allen Kaeja

Co-director of Kaeja d'Dance

“Tim's work ethic is rigorous and his analysis consistently delves into the depths of his research in a manner that is both insightful and integrative.”

Sarah Carlson

Director of Dance at Cedar Crest College, Co-Director of the Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange

“Tim's choreography was a flurry of activity—partnering, near misses, connections that seemed at once spontaneous and ordered. The movement vocabulary possessed a curious exploration into weight, and space, and spiral. A wash of movement covered the stage in apparent chaos, but then seamlessly organized into clear spatial patterns… A strong image of one dancer walking slowly center stage as a flow of bodies passed by. Patterns formed only to be broken up and fly apart. Three trios were chiseled into the space and left indelible images of bodies intertwined, surprises abounded in movement shape, timing, and spatial patterns.” 

- Heather Harrington, Kean University

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