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Tim Cowart's Research Interests

Tim has three primary research interests . . . 

Michio Ito Headshot

Michio Ito (1893 - 1961)

Michio Ito is the 'forgotten pioneer' of modern dance.

Tim has spent the last decade examining the life, technique and choreographic voice of Michio Ito. He has been trained by

Kyoko Imura and Kumiko Komine

He has performed Ito's choreography in the U.S. as well as in Japan.

He teaches Ito technique workshops and lectures on Ito's life, accomplishments and significance  


As a versatile and intuitive choreographer he is committed to working with the connection between dancers and to uniting the motion of people from different demographics into moments of creative expression, joy, and humanity.

He has created works for

the stage and for the screen. He specializes in modern dance, contemporary dance, musical theatre and screendance. 

Dance Partnering lift

Modern Dance Partnering

Tim has been teaching partnering to dancers for 30 years. 

He teaches Kaeja Elevationsa method of modern dance partnering where partners use a through-line of momentum that takes them into lifts that can be described as outright flying.

Tim is a Contact Improvisation practitioner and has trained under Steve Paxton, Alito Alessi, and Danny Lepkoff. He regularly teaches CI skills and workshops.

He also teaches the Arthur Murray's Method of Ballroom Dance in both private lessons and group classes.

Tim danced professionally and has performed the repertory of

Doug Varone

Elizabeth Streb/Ringside

David Dorfman

Clancy Works Dance Company

Alito Alessi

Mark Taylor

David Rousseve

Michio Ito



B.F.A. in Dance from Virginia Commonwealth University

M.S. in Arts Administration from the University of Oregon

M.F.A. in Dance from the University of Oregon

Kaeja Elevations Teacher Certification

Dance Ability Teacher Certification

STOTT Pilates Mat Certification

Arthur Murray's Ballroom Dance Certification

Tim Cowart in a sport coat

Available for Masterclasses

With over 20 years of teaching dance and running dance programs in colleges and universities, Tim has a broad range of experience and expertise.

He is available for consulting on curricular design, or guest artist programming.

He is available for teaching technique and theory coursework, or restaging historically significant works of choreography for new audiences. 

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